Current Projects

Water line repairs

The water will be off on Wednesday, March 20th, for water line repairs.  Areas affected will be the Silver Chase addition and Cedar Crossing addition.  These areas are around Indian Meridian & 10th Street, north and south of 10th Street, and east of Indian Meridian to Triple X Rd.  If you live in this area, expect the water to be off for at least 4 hours, beginning at 8:00 am.  -3/18/19



03/14/19-We have been delayed by other, more pressing projects that need our attention, but will return to this project as soon as possible.  

02/27/19-Due to inclement weather, crews will not be working on 10th Street over the next few days.  We hope to be back on this project as soon as possible.

progress on 10th St road repairs as of 021419

02/14/19 - NE 10th Street, between Indian Meridian and Triple X Road; one patch down with several more to go, thank you for your patience!

Acoustic Testing of Sewer Lines

UPDATE:  03/15/19-Thank you for your cooperation with this project.  We are finished for now, but will resume testing again.  We will update this page as well as the homepage as soon as we begin again.

Over the next several weeks we will be conducting testing on the sewer lines.  Our crew will need access to manholes, so please allow access to those that may be located on your property.  During the short test, the equipment does emit tones that you will be able to hear, so do not be alarmed.  We expect to be testing for about 6 weeks, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.