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March 26, 2020

As of last night, the Governor signed an amended Executive Order, exempting private and public golf courses. With this new guidance, the Choctaw Creek Golf Course remains open for business, however, we have taken steps to ensure customers adhere to the social distancing requirements recommended by the CDC. Also, extra precautions for sanitizing areas of the club house, golf course, and golf carts. Please heed staff instructions for continued use of the Golf Course.  

"CDC:  Clean & Disinfect"

"CDC:  Manage Anxiety & Stress"


Did you know the Journal Environmental Health reported that only 5% of people wash their hands correctly? If you’re feeling a little grossed out by that, we’d like to help by offering some pro tips to get those hands clean, and keep germs away.  Five Easy Steps!

march 24, 2020

Fourth Amended Executive Order regarding COVID-19 signed by Governor Stitt

don’t believe the rumors

"Do your part to stop the spread of disinformation by doing 3 easy things; don’t believe the rumors, don’t pass them along, and go to trusted sources of information to the facts about the federal (COVID-19) response."  Coronavirus Rumor Control

How covid-19 spreads

Check out the CDC webpage for answers to questions about how the virus spreads and what you can do to avoid being a part of community spread.  While there is still more data coming every day, we know how other viruses work and urge everyone to follow the guidelines put forth.  Even if you are young, or otherwise healthy, you are at risk and your activities can increase the risk for others.  It is critical that you do your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  

19 mAR 2020:

Effective 12:01 AM on 03/19/2020 and through 04/12/2020, the City Council passed the following Emergency Declaration:  

Resolution 20-08 (PDF)


Our “need to know” is overriding our common sense– which tells us that regardless of the results, whether it be the common cold, COVID-19, or the flu, for the majority of us, a doctor will tell us to stay home, rest, get plenty of fluids, and avoid contact with friends and family until we are fever free and without symptoms, or about 14 days to be cautious.   Read more...

share-facts-about-COVID19 (PDF)

The City of Choctaw is committed to providing critical core services while protecting the health and well-being of our most vital resource, our employees and citizens.  We advise everyone to listen to our state and national health officials who are working tirelessly on the situation. They are the experts and we have the utmost faith in them.  To that end, City Staff will provide links on the City website to the OK County Health Department, OK State Health Department, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The City of Choctaw will adhere to the current CDC Guidance and State Guidance for Municipal facilities and property.  The Senior Center is CLOSED until further notice.  This facility is actually run by Oklahoma County.  City Hall remains open for service.  The City will not be issuing Utility Cut-Off notices for the next 30 days, however we encourage customers to adhere to late billing notices.  Admin Staff will be disinfecting the lobby 3 times daily.  Hand sanitizer is available upon request at the customer service entrance of the facility.  City Council remains on schedule.  The Pre-Council Meeting will be held in Council Chambers, not the Conference room.  Court remains on schedule.  Furthermore, for the next 2 weeks, we will take no Choctaw Creek Pavilion reservations for parties of 50 or more.  The parks remain open.  The Golf Course remains open with some amenities impacted—no water jugs for public drinking on the course.  All Bouse Park Tournaments and Leagues are cancelled for the next two weeks, at which time the City will reassess the situation.  Spring Break Camps are still on as participants are less than 15 per camp.  As per the CDC Guidance, we encourage citizens to adhere to Social Distancing and be aware of your health before leaving your house.  If you feel sick, stay home or call your Primary Care Physician.  Wash your hands regularly.  These are all common sense approaches to mitigating the spread of all viruses.

16 Mar 2020: COVID-19

Stay updated with the Oklahoma State Health Department.

Get the latest information from the Oklahoma County Health Department.  


27 Jan 2020:  coronaviruspublic health oklahoma

Update on the 2019-nCoV Outbreak - Situation Report (PDF)

Cohesive Response

The City of Choctaw takes pride in the efforts of our Police and Fire Departments as well as the support of the Animal Control Officer and Code Enforcement Officer to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of our community. Together these departments provide a cohesive response to any emergency situation and work with the members of our community to keep Choctaw a safe and secure place to live.


For Emergency Situations please call 911.

Safe City

Choctaw was just ranked the 3rd safest city in Oklahoma - see the results for 2018 on the Alarms website.

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