Burning Guidelines

Our guidelines are in place for your protection and the safety of other citizens, they include:

  • The wind must be below 12 miles per hour. We have a weather station at two of our Fire Stations to monitor the wind and humidity.
  • Permits are issued on a daily basis.
  • You must have a way to control your fire such as a water hose or bulldozer.
  • Your fire must be completely out by sundown. Make sure and water down the area thoroughly when you are finished.
  • The fire has to be attended at all times. Do not leave your fire for any reason.
  • No burning shall be conducted which creates a traffic hazard.
  • Permits are only issued for leaves, twigs, brush, grass, etc. 
  • Permits will not be issued for paper, cardboard, household trash, treated lumber or other structures
  • Don’t burn close to structures.
  • Don’t make a burn pile larger than you can control.
  • Call 911 if you get into trouble while burning.