Choctaw Veterans Memorial

The Veteran's Memorial pays tribute to those who served including:

  • Department of Defense (DoD) civilians
  • Former military
  • Guardsman
  • Military retirees
  • Reserves
  • Those gone, but not forgotten
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About the Memorial

The Veterans Memorial at Choctaw was designed to honor our service men and women of all time and to pay special tribute to those persons on the home front who work together to defend our freedom. We have hundreds of people like Linni Hefner who went to work at Tinker Air Force Base at age 50, and continued to support our military until forced into retirement at age 70.

The Eastern Oklahoma County Veterans Memorial at Choctaw allows us to honor those who have honorably served our country. Those whose names appear on this wall represent that “special something” that sets America above all other nations. The four arches in the “Freedom Facade” are dedicated to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Not For Profit Project

The Veterans Memorial received a one time contribution of $62,000 from the State of Oklahoma, donations from private citizens and businesses, and the Oklahoma Centennial Commission.  In addition to these contributions, the sale of Memorial Bricks are a very important part of this not for profit project.

Memorial Bricks Fundraiser

A major fundraiser for this project was the sale of Memorial Bricks. These Bricks were placed in the Memorial Walls, to permanently remind our friends, family, and community, of the efforts made by each individual to protect our freedom.