Special Events

The City of Choctaw sponsors several seasonal events throughout the year to bring the community together and offer family entertainment for all ages.

Festival Locations

Most festivals take place at Choctaw Creek Park, located at 2001 North Harper Road, Choctaw, Oklahoma, between northeast 10th and northeast 23rd Street.

Fishing Derby

The Fishing Derby is hosted at Ten Acre Lake Park, located on northeast 10th Street, between Choctaw Rd & Indian Meridian.

Christmas Event

The Christmas event is hosted at the Choctaw Creek Golf Course, located on Hiwassee, just south of NE 23rd Street.

Christmas Event FB Post

We want to see your best Clark Griswold! Register your house here and we will be judging December 22, 2020!  

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!  

You will need to turn in a completed registration form here!  

All locations must be within City limits!

Christmas Decorating Contest Registration