Completed Tasks


To date, the completed tasks by the City include several elements:

  • A OPDES Storm Water General Permit
  • A Storm Water Utility Ordinance (Completed and approved on 12/12/2005)
  • A Storm Water Fee of $3 (initiated on May 1, 2006)
  • The Illicit Discharge and Connections Ordinance (Completed and approved on 6/27/2006)
  • The hiring of a storm water compliance officer to oversee the elements of the approved General Permit (July 2007)
  • Appointed Chad Denson as Storm Water Coordinator

The City's storm water utility fee mentioned above funds the overall required storm water management program. A storm water master plan has been developed that includes information such as a construction site and post-construction runoff control, pollution prevention and good housekeeping and mapping and inventorying.


The goal is to reduce storm water's impact on its local waterway by reducing and preventing future flooding, thereby enhancing the livability of the city. In the future, the plan will be amended to include infrastructure inventory, basin hydrology modeling results, flood potential information, and potential solutions to flooding problems.