City Council and Choctaw Utilities Authority

MeetingsCity Council and City Manager pictured here on Nov 2019

  • 7 p.m.
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month
  • City Hall
    2500 N Choctaw Road
    City Council Chambers
    Choctaw, OK 73020-0567

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                                                                                  Left to right, Chad Williams (Ward 1), Mike Birdsong (Ward 2), Jeannie Abts
                                                                                  (Ward 3), Randy Ross (Mayor), Roger Malone (Ward 4), Steve Krieske (Ward 5),
                                                                                  Dale Gill (Ward 6),  Ed Brown (City Manager).



Choctaw has been governed by the Council-Manager form of government since 1973. Seven citizens serve on the City Council with six elected by ward and the Mayor elected at large, each for a four-year term.

Additional Information

Questions about meetings, agendas, or minutes can be directed towards the City Clerk by email.


City Council unanimously approved a resolution last night calling for a municipal election for the City of Choctaw, Oklahoma, for a proposed amendment to Section 9.1 (B) of the Charter of the City of Choctaw to establish an additional exception to the density of dwelling requirements for any Council approved development in the area defined as follows:  North boundary N.E. 36th Street, South Boundary N.E. 23rd Street, West Boundary North Henney Road, East Boundary north Choctaw Road (see map).  The election is tentatively set for June 30, 2020.  

What does this mean?  The exception would allow Council to consider and approve developments in this area, and only this area, to exceed the maximum 8 units per acre as called for in Section 9.1 (A) of the Charter.  The change is in line with the Comprehensive Master Plan, focusing density of dwellings in a defined area with potential to provide more diverse housing options for citizens of Choctaw while still maintaining the rural home-town feel.  The ultimate vision of Council is to create an environment conducive to growth opportunity for local small business and to provide options for the citizens of Choctaw to stay and shop in Choctaw, such as a mixed-use building concepts, with retail on the first floor, office space on the second, and residences on the third floor (see attached “downtown building”), creating a stay-and-play community and keeping dollars local.  Council is working to keep citizens in Choctaw, supporting local small business, and providing for more diverse housing opportunities.  



The City Council conducted a Leadership Meeting on October 1, 2019 at the Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Center. The following is the report from that meeting, formally approved by the City Council.  → 10.01.19 Leadership Meeting report (PDF)


At the March 3, 2020 City Council meeting, the Mayor recognized three Choctaw police officers for their heroism in the line of duty.  Officers Gillum, Hill, and Seeds were recognized for saving the lives of 3 people in 3 separate events. They will say they were just doing their job, but we know they went above and beyond. Thank you for your service to Choctaw, you are the epitome of professional public service.  (pictured in no order are Officers Gillum, Hill, Seeds, Mayor Ross, and Chief Marshall.)group photo of Officers Gillum, Hill, and Seeds with Mayor Ross & Chief Marshall