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Permits are issued and inspections are made to the construction, enlargement, alteration, repairs, the moving, demolition, occupancy or change of occupancy of a building, and for the installment, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, or conversion of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems; as well as to the erection or replacement of signs, driveways, swimming pools, and retaining walls.

The Permit Process

  1. Permit applications may be submitted to the Permit Technician at Choctaw City Hall.
    You may physically submit, mail, or email the application and supporting documentation.  
    Checks should be made to out to City of Choctaw.

  2. The physical address is:  
    Choctaw City Hall
    2500 N Choctaw Road
    Choctaw, OK 73020
    The mailing address is:  
    Attention:  Permits & Licenses
    P.O. Box 567
    Choctaw, OK  73020
  3. The staff then reviews your submittals and determines if the project is in compliance with city codes.
  4. If the application and submittal complies with all requirements, a permit will be issued and all appropriate fees will be applied.
  5. On-site inspections will be performed to ensure work conforms to the permit and adopted codes.  In most cases, inspections can be completed the same day as requested.  

Ordinance 777 adopting new building codes

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