Elmwood Cemetery

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Property in Choctaw’s Elmwood Cemetery, located at 1760 N Choctaw Rd, is available for purchase for your burial needs.  


Effective December 1, 2018

  • $800 Per plot
  • $780 Each for Veteran plots (must provide copy of DD214, limit of two plots at this price)
  • $100 Staking fee (per flagging, for burials and setting of headstones)

plot sales

Prospective buyer(s) must arrange an appointment with the City Clerk to purchase a plot or plots.  The Clerk will arrange for City personnel to meet the prospective buyer(s) at the Cemetery to show the plots available for purchase.  (An exception to appointment requirement is made when there is a death and a plot is needed for immediate burial use.)  The buyer(s) will return to City Hall for the purchase paperwork to be processed by the City Clerk.  

Plots may be purchased by either of two (2) methods:  

    1.  Payment in full. We accept cash, check, credit card, or money order; or

    2.  Pay $200 down and sign an agreement to pay the balance at $50 per month until paid in full.

Burial arrangements

A plot must be paid in full before a burial will be allowed.
Upon payment of staking fee and submittal of plot location authorization form, City personnel will mark the plot for the vault company.
A representative of the family or funeral home must be present to verify marking location.
Opening and closing of plot is handled through the funeral home and paid for by buyer.  

Marker/Monument setting arrangements

When a marker/monument is to be set, the monument company must pay the staking fee and submit the plot location authorization form in order to have City personnel mark the plot to ensure placement on the correct plot.  A representative of the family or monument company must be present to verify marking location.  


The City is not responsible for items left at the cemetery; please keep this in mind when placing items in memorial. All items outside the footprint of the headstone are in violation of cemetery regulations and will be removed when employees clean and mow the cemetery.  Flowers or decorations that have deteriorated and become unsightly will be removed from the headstone. 

Look up a grave

We are in the process of transferring all Cemetery Records into a new software program. This software allows you to view an aerial map and search grave locations if it has been entered into the software program.  This map will only show locations of burials, not ownership of plots.  Recent burials are updated in the system prior to the service, older burials are updated as we have time.  


For plot sales and markings, please contact the Cemetery Clerk at 405-281-5088 or dyoung@choctawcity.org.
For grounds-keeping issues, please contact the Parks & Recreation Director at 405-281-6854 or tmcguire@choctawcity.org.

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