Friday Night Farmer's Market

We have teamed up with Floyd Farmstead to offer some innovative options in these times of social distancing.  The City of Choctaw wanted to continue to help local small businesses while recognizing the importance of keeping people safe.  For the time being, we would encourage everyone to head to the link at the bottom of the page via Facebook and check out what Matt and everyone has come up with.  

In a nutshell, there will be a Drive-Thru Farmer’s Market at Choctaw Creek Park.  

Please note, this will be for pre-order pick-up only and will not be a place to shop on Friday evenings.  When ordering, please tell all vendors that your goods are for pick-up at the Choctaw Drive-Thru Market.  If you have a question about a vendor’s product, please contact that vendor directly.  

TIME:  6:00 - 7:30 pm, FRIDAYS

DIRECTIONS:  Enter Choctaw Creek Park from the north end off Harper by the playground; drive south through market area, and please, say the name given for the orders.  Your order should be organized in as few bags as possible and will be ready to hand to you through your vehicle’s window.  

This is a new venture for everyone and we hope you understand we strive to provide quality goods and services while keeping everyone as healthy as possible.  Please see the Floyd Farmstead Facebook page for the complete list of vendors and contact information.  If you want to be a vendor, same thing, head to the page linked below and message them!  

Don’t miss it!  

For more information, you can contact Matt Floyd at 405-326-5708 or find out more on their Facebook page, @floydfarmstead.